Suban Tattoo Studio Jakarta


Born in the town of Garut 27 September 1987 began like drawing the age of 4 years beginning hobby is channeled through the media the ground aka drawing on the ground because at the moment it has many limitations mediated drawing. when it began to enter grade school 1SD Suban start to follow activities at school drawing competition and the district level competition 17agustus draw each activity. when teenagers desire to draw more powerful but at the same time thinking how to make this hobby can simultaneously produce coffers fortune Suban decided to study Art after so long Suban painting began attracted to the world of tattoo because a lot of friends who bertattoo, yes even though tattoo in the era it is still taboo but the Suban had a belief that the future of TATTOO ART will Suban Succeeding that the tattoo will be more forward and can be a good source of income in the future.

then Suban began to learn the tools to be able to assemble their own tattoo machine from a friend who had experienced at that time ... after the Suban has been able to assemble a tattoo machine manually yourself then Suban start mentattoo friends my own, Suban started curious and enjoy these activities ..Finally Suban start proper tattoo techniques and after Suban more experts, start from there, my friend started asking a lot of the same Suban only paid not how but when the Suban has its own inner satisfaction because of a hobby but it can both produce, when graduating from high school this hobby was stopped, because the high school graduation Suban when trying to find another field experience that followed a military academy education Over 1 year. But fate willed Other, Suban failed the field, eventually Suban so many years later could not have a job after high school graduation. but because of the Suban oldest male child so Suban must act in order to boast, then Suban decided to wander in the city of Bandung, armed with drawing skills are Suban had.

Suban ventured to open Stalls tattoo, tattoo and receive calls from a place to another with very simple tools. the job Suban lived for 2 years, then after so many years felt the twists and turns in the world of tattoo streets Suban met with KENT TATTOO, in seconds that changes phase of life Suban start in the World TATTOO professional, Suban opened eyes by Kent tattoo introduced what TATTOO professional, Suban in students with discipline full by Kent Tattoo taught professional work and how to be an artist tattoo professionals both mentally and intellectually, Suban really deliberated By Kent Tattoo for 2 years in the studio centers in Metro Soekarno Hatta Bandung, in the end Suban given the trust holds a branch studio kent tattoo in Braga Bandung for 2 years, from the hard work of Suban during at Kent Tattoo Suban could ease the burden of families because of the Suban eldest son, as well as the Suban can hone skills getting in and no longer with the limitations but supported by facilities that support the work Suban work.

then many years passed Suban met with a lady friend who eventually Suban professions name is Maya and Maya relationships Good for 2 years in the city of Bandung. Because when the relationship long distance ajeng originating from the city of Jogjakarta, while the Suban in the city of Bandung, then Maya decided to go to work in the Studio Kent Tattoo Branch Braga become a receptionist at once Artist Tattoo woman in studio Kent Tattoo branch Braga, after three years passed in a relationship, then we decided married but Suban and Maya is still working in the studio kent tattoo branch Braga together at that time for 1 year, then we decided to resign from kent Tattoo because wanted to try independently, after saying goodbye Doing well with Kent Tattoo we began to set the pace of life we The new again, total Suban along Kent Tattoo for 7 years duration ... a lot of things to learn from Kent Tattoo Suban, have Suban Go through ups and downs along Kent Tattoo, from Kent Tattoo Studio was able to support a family Suban Suban Suban wife at the same time, the Suban lot to learn also about life, Kent Tattoo eyes Suban remarkable figure KENT TATTOO BANDUNG Thank you very much. Even when the Suban was not with Kent Tattoo was, Kent Tattoo continued support Suban who led the Suban can set foot in the city of Surabaya in studio Rauha Tattoo Surabaya for 1 year Suban cooperation in the studio, a lot of science that Suban quotes, as well as new experiences, when the wife of the Suban was pregnant, after approaching the time to give birth Suban decided to resign from Rauha tattoo Surabaya and back to Tangerang, a few years later the child is age 1 year Suban decided to seek experience retreat for 6 months in one of the studios in Kuta Bali, experience the sake experience a lot of Suban learned during the retreat, then decided to go back again kebandung Suban, Suban relations of cooperation with the Old, cooperation re-established for 1 year, then the Suban resign again very well, then the Suban back to tangerang.

many years passed in tangerang Suban has now decided to open his own tattoo studio with Suban TATTOO INDONESIA Brand Mall Taman Palem in western Jakarta. Carrying Asian style tattoo studio, with facilities Well, sterile, hygienic as well Convenient and Classy .... Suban certainly try to provide the best facilities for the Client, the friendliness of the client very Suban emphasize here that the client feel comfortable and Friends with Suban. Before the process of making the tattoo client can first discuss with Suban casually as a friend, then define the concept to mateng and Suban will explain in great detail kelebihan2 and kekuranganya well as its function in every concept that client want it, so that when the client has been steadily making a tattoo is not only just want to beautify / beautify the body, but also simultaneously know the meaning and function of the Tattoo itself so the client will be more confident and Character with the Tattoo.