• infoAre Tattoos Part of the Lifestyle ?

    Now the development of art tattoo body has been widespread not only among adolescents just as the development time now the whole society can document everything with a tattobisa we made a means to capture every moment memorable in our lives, meaning tekandung in a tattoo can be said documentation immortal (EVERLASTING), and now the tattoo was closely linked to fashion (Lifestyle) can be said tattoo sangant support the fashion, why be like that "because by streaking a beautiful picture in our body combine with clothes or dresses we wear it can deliver impression highly esthetic draw the eye of the beholder, keep all can not be separated from the concept, tattoo consists of basic concepts beginning that take into account the terms lyot, Aesthetics, degree / balance and in terms coouring effect pretty dibody could be said although the body we basically fat can seem perspective and meimbulkan effect pretty dibody could be said although the body we basically fat can seem erlihat slim, and if if we already have a body that is essentially ramping do coba2 we take the shape of the whole picture that is block bulleted or boxes, because of the effects that can be caused to make body looks very fat, that's why before we take pictures of the body we should at first consult the artist tattoo his experience in the field of art Radjah body in advance to artist tattoo his already experienced in the art of Radjah body as prefesiona, so the concept that we desire can be perfectly mounted in the body lasting Lifestyle kitadan accordance with our day to day.

  • infoWhether Tattoos Synonymous With a Criminal ?

    if we look at the bertattoo in the era of the 70s certainly did not escape the paradigm us if you see people tattoo was always at identical with Criminal, in line with the changing times and technological advances now advances tattoo art is growing rapidly in terms of the tools used and the purpose of the tattoo itself namely to increase confidence in the person wearing the tattoo is actually present in the modern era tattoos of the level of aesthetic very calculated so as to make us if you see people who bertattoo now no longer synonymous with criminals precisely to give the impression of a beautiful and attractive even now tattoo can add to our sense of confidence and if we have the former lukaataupun deficiencies in our bodies we can beautify with scratches a tattoo to cover the shortfall, because modern tattoo now in terms of the work was also still very simple so first if they see people bertattoselalu at identical with the offender, while the modern tattoo now it has been very prefesional workmanship and the equipment used was a standard internasional.dari conclusion is already apparent differences first tattoo with tattoo now whereas now we can see tattoo enthusiasts is far from being criminals, but has now become part of the lifestyle tattoo figur- the figure of the artist as well as the middle and upper, so no need to be afraid of when they hear the term TATTOO because the concept of modern tattoo with tattoo dulusudah very much different, with a tattoo now we can document everything that is memorable in our lives, make the tattoo as a sign of love dear ... because the tattoo is not a criminal.